The Garfield County Building and Planning Division currently operates under Garfield County Public Works and is managed by Garfield County Public Works Director. 

Director/County Engineer 

Walter G. Morgan, P.E.

19th and Arlington

PO Box 160

Pomeroy, WA  99347

(509) 843-1301


Building Inspector

Contracted: Columbia County

114 South 2nd

Dayton, WA  99328

(509) 382-4676


Zoning Offical

Don Brigham Plus Associates

414 Teresa Court

Clarkston, WA  99403

(509) 758-9646


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To provide quality service, information, and guidance to our customers, while striving to protect and ensure health and life safety through the reasonable development, application and enforcement of uniform codes and regulations.


The Planning Division reviews project proposals for compliance with zoning restrictions, critical areas and drainage, road standards and emergency access, State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)  threshold determinations, and shoreline regulations to protect the general health, safety, and welfare of the public, and tend to the natural environment.

Comprehensive Plan


The Building Division is a division of the Public Works Department.  They review construction plans and perform building inspections to ensure compliance with the International Building Code in order to promote sound structures and ensure the health and safety of county residents.

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