Garfield County Courthouse Restoration

In the heart of Pomeroy is the beautiful and stately courthouse which was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1974. The courthouse was rebuilt with brick in 1900 when the original wood-frame was destroyed by fire. By the 2000's, time had once again taken its toll and the Courthouse was in need of restoration to preserve this piece of history. In 2012, the restoration was complete.

Before Restoration:

Courthouse before restoration

After 2012 Restoration:

Courthouse after restoration

Historical photo of courthouseBuilding History

  • Built in 1901
  • Fourth oldest Courthouse in Washington
  • Listed in National Register of Historic Places in 1977
  • Focal Point of Downtown Pomeroy Historic District
  • Architectural Style: Various influences, including Queen Anne style
  • Basalt stone foundation, stone quarried from Valentine area
  • Unreinforced red brick walls, brick manufactured south of golf course
  • Wood framed floors & roof, sheet metal details

Summary of Needed Repairs:

  • Water damage in attic from unscreened soffit vents
  • Leaky roofs and gutters with water damage in soffits and roof edge
  • Dry rot on rafter tails
  • Missing and damaged metal details
  • Historically inappropriate exterior doors
  • Bent and dented gutters and downspouts not fitting historic character
  • Windows: single glazed, double hung, original wood frames 
  • Window hardware & counterweights in bad shape
  • West & south windows show severe weathering and signs of dry rot 
  • Attic windows in very poor condition 
  • Clock tower and east gable have shifted due to wind damage 
  • Existing chimney is not reinforced or braced 
  • Areas of fractured stone and damaged mortar on foundation
  • Heating: Oil fired steam boiler with radiators throughout
  • Cooling: AC in courtroom, Sheriff’s offices, but nowhere else
  • No ventilation on 1st & 2nd floors 
  • Systems do not meet energy code requirements
  • Plumbing fixtures do not meet quantity or handicap requirements 
  • Water supply & waste lines corroded
  • No fire sprinkler system
  • Not able to handle telecommunication requirements
  • Fire alarm system needs updating
  • Insufficient emergency exit lighting systems 
  • Inadequate venting, possible failure to 911 equipment 
  • Current system could lead to: fire, fry, trip, or flip
  • Fire: from over-split, ungrounded outlets
  • Fry: the equipment that’s plugged into over-split outlets 
  • Trip: on the mess of extension cords that are present
  • Flip: the main breaker, because the system is overloaded
  • Historic millwork removed or damaged during remodels
  • Original plaster ceilings covered with acoustic tile 
  • Original wood floors covered by vinyl tile
  • Fluorescent tube lighting fixtures
  • Original lath & plaster walls covered by sheet plastic wainscoting, paneling

Cracked clock Damaged tombstone Damaged interior

Cost of Renovation/Sources of Funding

  • Total estimated renovation costs: $4.6 million
  • $1 million already in a savings account for this project
  • Sales of bonds
  • Matching funds from the Historic County Courthouse Rehabilitation Grant Program