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Cultivation of a Dream

Is there a place that preserves Eastern Washington's rich farming tradition, educates youth about agriculture and creates a space for children, parents and grandparents alike to congregate and embrace the tradition of small-town rural life? In October of 2004, this picturesque vision inspired eight locals to come together in order to achieve such a goal. The hope was to teach children, who believed Albertsons made their bread, about wheat and farming, from plow to plate. They wanted to preserve the sacred agricultural tradition and history and create a space for memories to be made. In order to fulfill such tasks they decided that an Agricultural Museum was fitting for the quaint and friendly town. It could be used not only as an education tool, but would rekindle fond memories in older generations, interest the middle-aged and awe children with stories of farming in the “good ‘ole days.”

Thanks to local supporters, fundraising, and grants the dream to preserve the cherished history of Eastern Washington and educate younger generations was realized. The first weekend in April 2008, marked the day in which the desire of those eight local hearts became reality. About 800 people were in attendance for an experience that would not soon be forgotten. With over fifty draft horses and mules plowing, harrowing, cultivating, fertilizing and seeding the ground, antique equipment displays and demonstrations, horse-drawn wagon rides, antique quilt and car shows, FFA’s spring preview, steer judging and a home cooked lunch and potluck the event proved to be a success. The unveiling was just a small step towards what many hope to see the museum become.

Our second 8,400 sq. ft. building was completed in September 2013. The 17,040 sq. ft. agricultural museum displays farm machinery and equipment, horse-drawn implements, tractors, engines and other machinery dating from the late 1800’s into the 1950’s! Demonstrations of machinery and draft horses are held throughout the year.


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