Reading a Brand

Brands are easy to read, once you know how. They are read from the left to the right, from the top down, or from the outside to the inside. A definite method of identifying characters has been established.

  • If a letter or symbol is made backwards from its normal position, it's read as a reverse F, or whatever other letter it might be.
  • A letter partially over on its face or back is said to be "tumbling."
  • If a letter lies horizontally on its face or back, it is called "lazy."
  • Letters with a curving flare at the top and rounded angles are "running."
  • Add a dash to the left and the right at the top, and you have a "flying" letter.
  • Add legs and it becomes a “walking” letter.
  • A letter placed so that the bottom touches the inside of a curve is said to be “rocking.” In this particular instance, the brand would probably be called “anchor.”
  • Curves not attached to letters are known as “quarter circles,” or “half circles,” depending on the arc.
  • Letters or symbols formed together are called “connected.”
  • When a letter is below the other, then the lower symbol is said to be “swinging.” In registering brands, owners sometimes omit the “connected” or “swinging.” Thus, might be read simply Diamond J rather than Diamond Swinging J.

Besides the traditional letter and figure brands, there are some marks known as “character brands.”

  • For instance, this is read as the turtle brand.
  • This is read as the pitchfork brand.
  • This is read as the rocking chair brand.
  • This is read as the key brand.
  • This is read as the spade brand.
  • This is read as the ladder brand.

The reading of picture brands depends upon the owner's interpretation, and it takes an expert to identify some of the more complex marks.

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