The recording department is charged with recording real estate documents, liens, military discharges, maps, and surveys. The recording department also issues marriage licenses. Copies of any recorded document can also be obtained through this department for a fee.

 Recording Fees effective

 July 28, 2019

Deeds $103.50 for 1st page - $1.00 each additional page
Deeds of Trust $104.50 for 1st page - $1.00 each additional page
Subsitiution & Appt of Successor Trustee $18.00 for 1st page - $1.00 each additional page
Marriage License $36.00
Certified Copies $4.00
​Survey ​$172.50 for 1st page - $5.00 each additional page
​Death Certificate ​$40.00


Contact Information

Mailing Address PO Box 278 Pomeroy WA 99347
Hours Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00pm
Phone (509)843-1411
Fax (509)843-3941
Email (


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the recording department supply blank documents or forms?
No, we do not provide blank documents or forms.

Does the recording department have birth and death certificates?
Original birth and death records after 1907 are maintained by the Regional Health District, Vital Statistics Office at (360)236-4313. There are only few original records beginning with 1886 through 1907 available in the recording department. 
You can also obtain a death certificate by clicking on the following link Vital Records

Would the recording department accept the National UCC Form for recordation?
Yes, effective August 1, 2005 the recording department will record the national form with the standard document fee.

Where do I obtain information regarding divorce or probate records? 
Please contact the Clerks Office (509) 843-3731.

What kinds of documents are recorded in the recording department?
The recording office records Real Estate documents, liens, military discharges, maps and surveys. Copies of these documents are available for a fee. We also issue marriage licenses.

Marriage Information

Effective August 1, 2005, the marriage license fee would be $32.00. We can only accept checks or cash. At this time, we are unable to process credit or debit cards.

Applicants must be 18 years of age and provide a current picture ID, such as a Driver's License, State ID card, Military ID, or Passport. The ceremony must be performed between three and 60 days after the date of issuance. The person performing the ceremony must be a judge, a retired judge, or an ordained minister. You may contact a District Court judge at 509-843-1002.

You may obtain a license at 789 Main Street, Pomeroy WA Garfield County Courthouse. We are open Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00pm, excluding holidays.

To obtain a copy of a Certificate of Marriage between 1900-2003 you can obtain the copy at our office or