landscapeGarfield County is located in the Southeast corner of Washington State, bordered on the north by the Snake River and on the south by the Blue Mountains. Year-round recreation opportunities like camping, boating, hiking, fishing, tourism, sand dunes, picnicking/BBQ, hunting, winter sports, off-road vehicle trails, mushroom and huckleberry picking, among other awaiting adventures add to the rural charm of this community, creating an inviting environment for families and an enticing rural weekend get-away for all.

Off Roading

Umatilla National Forest (Blue Mountains)

The Umatilla National Forest has 116 developed recreation sites and provides quality recreation experience. Some popular activities include: campground or cabin camping, bird watching, fishing, hiking, huckleberry and mushroom picking, scenic driving, ATV and ORV use, horseback riding, river rafting, winter sports, and hunting. 

Lower Granite Dam

Lower Granite Dam is a hydroelectric concrete gravity dam on the Snake River. It is the perfect spot for picnicking, BBQ, swimming, water sports, boating, fishing, enjoying sand dunes, and taking a tour of the Dam. The Dam features a fish viewing room, theater, interpretive displays, outdoor esplanade and a juvenile fish facility visitors center.

The Last Resort

A family owned park located in the beautiful Tucannon Valley of Washington's Blue Mountains. The Last Resort is minutes away from the Wooten Wildlife Area, Umatilla National Forest, & the Tucannon-Wenaha Wilderness area. Thousands of acres of public land are available for hiking, fishing, hunting, bird watching & wildlife viewing and more.

Port of Garfield

The Port of Garfield operates a boat launch, at central ferry, along the Snake River. Boating, water sports, swimming, sand bars, camping, fishing... An all around good time!

Life Jackets

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